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Fears for Iranian on hunger strike - Perth Now

Google News - "asylum seeker" - سبت, 2015/04/04 - 23:28

Perth Now

Fears for Iranian on hunger strike
Perth Now
Saeed Hassanloo, 25, is in RPH in a critical condition protesting his four and a half years in immigration detention, most recently at Yongah Hill near Northam. He began to refuse fluids after his older brother Majid was transferred to Christmas Island ...
Hunger strike refugee near death in Perth hospitalWA today
Candlelight vigil held for hunger striker Saeed Hassanloo outside Royal Perth ...Radio Australia
Australia: Vigil for near-death Iranian hunger strikerAnadolu Agency

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An Easter Exploration.

Wordpress Blogs on Refugees - سبت, 2015/04/04 - 21:08

I’m cheating a little, by using ‘Easter’ in my title, so that I can use another ‘E’ word. In fact, this post has nothing to do with Easter, other than it’s on Easter Sunday. So far I’m limiting everyone’s chocolate but they’ve probably already had more this morning than they usually have in a week, and combined with too little sleep, we’re up for an interesting day. By interesting, I mean a few meltdowns and tantrums. I also (somewhat unwisely?) chose this weekend to begin toilet training in earnest with Fourth Offspring. What was I thinking?!

I see many mugs of tea in my future.

Have a contented Sunday, everyone!

This story really is heartbreaking. I was just listening to to the news recently and there was so much bad news, and I changed radio stations, because it was too hard to hear it. But this. I just wanted to wrap this child in my arms. I know that many news stations don’t bother with foreign correspondents nowadays, and there was also some recent criticism over journalists travelling to dangerous areas, but perhaps pictures like this are reminders of what is really happening there, and who is affected.

* * * * *

I remember reading a book by Don Watson, called American Journeys, where he recounts his trip through the US, mostly via train, and the people he met and their stories, attitudes and expectations about their country and the world. I remember thinking about the idea of the American dream, and how that idea seemed to be at odds with many of the daily experiences of everyday American people. This link about income inequality doesn’t go to the original article (but includes a link to it within the post, so you can still read that too), however, I really liked the analysis.

* * * * *

Once again, the Australian government demonstrates just how we’re a shining example of hope, refuge and kindness for those seeking asylum, knowing that we are part of a global solution to help all humans to live to their full potential. Oh, that’s right. No it doesn’t. 

* * * * *

I did have another link about the greyhound racing industry and the deplorable ways in which some of the dogs are treated, but what I’ve just written basically tells you all you need to know about that. Instead, why not end on a high note: with a hint from Tesla’s Elon Musk that they are working on a battery for home use — that’s right, we may soon be able to sail — or at least stumble over — one of the major hurdles of the success of renewable power. Watch this space.

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Symbols of power politics - The News on Sunday

Google News - "forced migration" - سبت, 2015/04/04 - 20:28

Symbols of power politics
The News on Sunday
In Pakistan, we equated the partition with the forced migration of millions with the holy migration of the Prophet (PBUH) from Mecca to Madina and, quite like the latter one, many of us still believe that one day we will go back and take over Delhi's ...

Suspected arson attack on asylum seeker house - Herald Scotland

Google News - "asylum seeker" - سبت, 2015/04/04 - 19:13

Suspected arson attack on asylum seeker house
Herald Scotland
Suspected arson attack on asylum seeker house. Sunday 5 April 2015. German police have opened an investigation into a suspected arson attack on a house in eastern Germany earmarked for asylum seekers. German police have opened an investigation ...

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Dozens of Mothers Stage Hunger Strike at Immigrant Detention Center in Texas

Wordpress Blogs on Refugees - سبت, 2015/04/04 - 18:52

Roger’s note: our heartless greed-oriented and violent capitalist world the oppression of women and children is an everyday occurrence.  I takes many forms, mostly related to poverty one way or another.  Here we see mindless and shameless government bureaucracy at work to directly harm women and children who are already victims or corporate inspired government policies with respect to Central America.


‘We want freedom for our children. It’s not right to continue to detain us.’


Published on Thursday, April 02, 2015 by Common Dreams Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Protesters demand closure of the Karnes, Texas immigrant detention center in January 2015. (Photo: WeAreUltraViolet/flickr/cc)

About 40 women being held at the privately-run Karnes Family Detention Center in southern Texas launched a hunger strike this week to demand their release and the release of their families, vowing on Tuesday not to eat, work, or use the services at the facility until they are freed.

Nearly 80 women being held at the center, many of whom are said to be asylum seekers from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, signed a letter stating that they have all been refused bond despite having established a credible fear of violence if they are sent back to Central America—a key factor in the U.S. government’s process for screening detained immigrants to allow them amnesty.

“We deserve to be treated with some dignity and that our rights, to the immigration process, are respected,” the letter reads. “You should know that this is just the beginning and we will not stop [the hunger strike] until we achieve our goals. This strike will continue until each of us is freed.”

The letter also states that many of the children held in the camp are losing weight and that their “health is deteriorating.” Many of the families have been detained for as long as 10 months.

One woman, 26-year old Honduran mother Kenia Galeano, decried the center’s treatment of the families in a phone interview with McClatchy on Tuesday. “We’re many mothers, not just me,” she said. “We want freedom for our children. It’s not right to continue to detain us.”

Galeano, who shares a room with three other mothers and their children, also said that her two-year-old son has become depressed and lost weight due to the culturally inappropriate food.

According to the letter, some of the mothers were also left behind in the detention center, while their children were granted bond. “We have come to this country, with our children, seeking refugee status and we are being treated like delinquents,” the letter reads. “We are not delinquents nor do we pose any threat to this country.”

“This strike will continue until each of us is freed.”

Karnes, which is run by the private corrections company GEO Group, has come under fire in the past for its treatment of the children who are detained there, with reports of weight loss and forced separation from their mothers, but the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department has denied those allegations.

ICE also claimed it was unaware of any residents actually participating in the strike, saying in a statement on Wednesday that the agency “fully respects the rights of all people to voice their opinion without interference, and all detainees, including those in family residential facilities such as Karnes, are permitted to do so.”

It also said it was investigating claims that members of a nonprofit advocacy group encouraged the women to take part in the hunger strike—a charge which activists deny.

Cristina Parker, immigration programs director at the Texas-based immigrant rights group Grassroots Leadership, told the Guardian on Tuesday, “This is something that has been rippling through the centre almost since it opened. I don’t believe at all that they were coached into doing this.”

According to Parker, the center is now blocking access to internet and telephone facilities for all of its detainees, regardless of whether they are participating in the hunger strike.

At least two women who signed the letter were also placed into isolation with their children in Karnes’s clinic, leading about half of those who initially pledged to take part in the hunger strike to drop out, according to the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services.

Johana De Leon, a legal assistant with the nonprofit, told McClatchy that other mothers were warned they could lose custody of their children if they participated.

In addition to its mistreatment of children, Karnes has also been accused of sexual misconduct by guards and denial of critical medical care for detainees, among other charges. The Department of Homeland Security inspector general reported in February that there was no evidence to support the allegations.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License


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تسجيل دخول المستخدم


مرحبا بكم في المناقشات لشبكة الباحثين في شؤون الاجئين على الانترنت
يجري الآن من 23 أبريل ألى 7 مايو 2014: ما هي الآثار المترتبة على حقوق الإنسان وفهمنا لقانون اللاجئين؟
كيفية المشاركة في المناقشات.
اهتمام أخرى
"انت لست مستضعف بما فيه الكفايه " - حالة النزوح في المناطق الحضرية في ليبيا

تجميع البحوث والشبكات

بحث في خاص الاحتجاز و اللجوء
نوع الجنس والجنسية (GSC)
العمر و الجيل في سياقات من الاجئين بحث
النزوح البيئي
المنهجية و إنتاج المعرفة في الهجرة القصريه المحتوي بحث
بحث القانون الدولي للاجئين
مجموعات الارشيف


اسيا المحيط, اتصل الهجرة القصرية (APFMC)
امريكا الاثينيه شبكه و الهجرة القسرية (LAFMN)
شبكه علماء جديد
شبكه السياسة العالمية

خريف 2013 شبكة الباحثين في شؤون الاجئين النشرة الإلكترونية حاليا متوفر!

سبل العيش في الصراع: السعى ل سبل العيش by اللاجئين و تاثير على الامن البشري من المجتمعات المضيف (2002)

الاقتصاد المنزلى وسبل العيش بين اللاجئين العراقيين في سوريا (2011)